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Despite the widespread use of the Internet as a source of information about colleges and universities, printed communications are still a vital part of the recruitment process. Our research shows that most students like to receive a mix of print and electronic communication from colleges and actually prefer to get some kinds of information from traditional print brochures. Therefore, the most effective communication programs with prospective students involve a regular dialog between the student and the college that spans all mediums.

Our Approach:

GDAIS takes special pride in its ability to integrate the various elements of a publications plan in a coherent effective recruitment program. We see publications as more than a series of pretty viewbooks and brochures. We see them as part of an integrated communication flow that makes the case for a particular college. Our creative team of marketing professionals, writers, designers and photographers can capture what is distinctive about your institution on paper with powerful images and compelling copy and make certain that they fit within the context of the entire recruitment communications flow. Members of our creative services staff have more than 50 combined years of experience working with colleges and universities of all sizes and types. So not only do we know how to communicate effectively, we know how to communicate with your audience.

What Makes Us Unique:

Research-based Communications

GDAIS has a nationally recognized reputation in higher education market research. In a typical year we survey over 25,000 prospective students, high school guidance counselors, alumni, and corporate leaders. GDA Integrated Services does not offer standardized marketing solutions; rather, we evaluate the needs of the institution and design a customized plan most appropriate for your needs. We combine our extensive, research-based knowledge of how prospective students approach the college search process with our understanding of what makes your institution unique. The resulting publications become a powerful component of an integrated marketing program for recruitment or development.

A Team Approach

GDA Integrated Services works hard to develop a team approach in concert with key members of the college community when implementing a marketing program. We know a lot about the interests and opinions of college-bound students, but we also know that your institution has a great deal of information about its particular market situation. We want to take as much advantage of in-house talent as is possible to save the college’s time and resources. We frequently share responsibility for a project with members of the institutions publications staff, lending our expertise where it is requested. Throughout the process, we work with the admissions staff to produce materials that capture the ethos of the college in the most effective way to affect student choice.

Maximizing Resources

We take pride in our ability to work effectively within the confines of an institution’s project budget. We maintain a flexible staffing model, which is tailored to each project and can be adjusted as circumstances and needs change. We carefully evaluate what is necessary and, in full collaboration with the institution, create a unique set of effective solutions that best utilizes its available resources. The unique structure of our organization provides us with the experience and operational flexibility necessary to execute a comprehensive, integrated marketing program. From copy writing to design to printing, our services can be tailored to precisely suit your needs.

What We Offer:

Branding and Graphic Identity

Both small private colleges and large state-sponsored universities have sought our expertise when determining and designing their institutional identities. We provide strategic and tactical recommendations that are designed to establish your position in the marketplace. We identify the strengths and characteristics that truly distinguish your institution, so the expectations created through your branding program will be fulfilled. You’ll create a bond of trust with prospective students and all your target markets. Services we offer include theme development, integration of key messages into graphic identity, and design of graphic identities designed for academics, athletics, and instant brand recognition.


Our creative staff can produce a complete range of publications, including viewbooks, search mailers, road pieces, bounce back cards, capital campaign case statements, invitations, departmental brochures and campus guides. From first concept to final delivery, GDAIS will work with your in-house Public Relations or Admissions staff to develop the most effective publications possible.

Electronic Communication

In addition to print, GDAIS can also assist with all your electronic needs. Whether it be copy writing, HTML e-mail formatting, Web design or PDFs, our staff can develop web-based communications that integrate seamlessly with the existing “look and feel” of your print and Web design. For more information on our strategies and abilities in electronic communications, please see our Direct Communication fact sheet.

For further information about GDAIS Creative Services, contact:

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