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As with our other services, the GDAIS approach to public relations is different and more effective than others, because we customize our approach to meet the needs of the specific institution. The distinctions include:

Integrated programs

GDAIS personnel can provide public relations counseling in support of student recruitment, alumni relations, development, and general public relations, including media relations.
Benefits: We can help all your areas that reach out to the off-campus public to function more effectively.

Staff development and mentoring for public relations

GDA Integrated Services offers programs that range from a single on-campus workshop to a regular visitation program designed to derive the greatest benefit from the college's public relations staff and resources.
You only pay for what you need.

Presidential consultation, board relations, trend workshops, etc.

Do you have a need to educate your board of trustees about issues related to higher education? GDAIS can provide a fully customized workshop. Presidential consultation can provide help with media relations, development, student recruiting, and other public relations efforts.
We can provide top-to-bottom consultation to improve the effectiveness of all areas.

Market positioning

GDAIS works with you to develop a market position and crafts a creative approach to implement it. The positioning effort considers the needs of fund-raising, student recruitment, and other constituent relations efforts.
You develop a "big picture" positioning statement, as well as concrete ways to implement a position that works for all areas of the institution.

Crisis management

Whether it is crisis prevention or the management of a difficult situation, our public relations counsel works with your institution to do what needs to be done. This is an area where the seasoned experience of our team approach proves invaluable.
Benefits: Your institution has our years of experience as a resource to draw upon in the critical times surrounding a crisis on campus.

Fund-raising support

Are you in a fund-raising campaign, about to start planning a campaign, or wrapping up a campaign? Do you need help or improvement with public relations support for the campaign? GDAIS can offer public relations counsel based on a wealth of fund-raising experience.
Your fund-raising program can be greatly enhanced by more effective public relations support.

The "Big Bang Theory" approach

GDAIS believes that most colleges and universities need a single burst of attention once or twice a year rather than a spotty, hit-or-miss program that rarely provides the impact that is needed.
You get the maximum "bang for the buck."

Target Cities. Our unique and cost-effective target cities program utilizes alumni and parents in the promotion of the college or university in a specific city or region.
You can put these loyal fans to work to gain visibility for your institution in their own regions, as well as visibility to aid development, alumni relations and student recruitment in cities where your institution is virtually unknown.

Guaranteed visibility.Name recognition. High visibility. Without these, it is difficult to implement effective student recruitment or fund-raising programs. GDAIS is committed to guaranteeing the name recognition that colleges need.
Benefits: Your institution gets the visibility it needs with the audiences it needs to reach without necessarily using typical mass-media advertising.

A word-of-mouth marketing program. All of our research of current students indicates that eight of ten enrolled students first learn of their enrolling college from some person (alumnus/a, a student who attends, a teacher, etc.), not from contacts initiated by the college. GDAIS specializes in developing word-of-mouth, or what some call reputational marketing, programs.
Your institution does not need to be left at the mercy of what others say about you.

Focus of consumer interest.Our public relations counsel develops a focus for each client that virtually guarantees regional or national interest in a consistent way. Often using a center or institute approach, we find ways to link a college or university's special strengths with a topic of special interest to the public (the family, public service, education, etc.).
Your institution becomes the place that citizens and the media turn for insights into issues of public importance.

Creative Services

GDAIS offers the following creative services that can be more cost-effective and integrated when provided by our team members, who look at the total institutional needs:

For more information our services in public relations, please contact:

Bob Campagnuolo
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